Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the event package? (includes all dances)
A: Pre-registrations start at $75! The full package, by the end of registration, will be $105.

Q: Can I be a volunteer?
A: Yes!  Amanda Woodcock is our Volunteer Coordinator.  She’ll tell you more, though we may be all set.

Q: What are the door prices going to be?
A: Door prices will be listed soon!  Venue capacities will vary from event to event.  Door sales will be limited, so arrive early.

Q: Will there be event t-shirts for sale?
A: T-shirts are available if you sign up for the event, and will be sold in a very limited fashion at the event. Order online by July 10th to ensure your t-shirt!

Q: How do I get to and from the airport if my host/hostess cannot pick me up?
A: Seattle has a light rail system called LINK.  There is one line from SEA/TAC Airport into downtown Seattle.  Seattle Metro bus system has lines from the light rail.

Q: What other dance(s) are happening if I’m coming a couple of days early or staying a couple of days past the exchange??
A: Great question! Seattle is a fantastic city for social dancing as we have swing dancing almost every night of the week!  Check out Facebook.

Savoy Swing Club Calendar has a decent listing of swing dancing in Seattle.

Q: Are the venues for the exchange within walking distance of each other?
A:  Not really, though we wish.  We recommend having car or bus arrangements made, or take advantage of sharing a cheap cab ride.

Q: When will we hear about hosting assignments?
A:  Hosts and guests will be assigned during the registration period and notified a couple of weeks prior to the event.  Please update your registration with any information you wish acknowledged.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A:  There will be no refunds.  Early registration ensures a lower price, but asks that you commit to the purchase. For those paying with a payment plan through PayPal, if you cannot attend the event, your ticket must be paid in full in order to be valid - you cannot sell or give a ticket not paid in full to someone else.

Q: Will there be food at late-night, or do I need to go and find something?
A:  Yes! We will have food/snacks at After Hours dances.

Q: Can I bring water bottles into the dances?
A: Yes! All of the dances, with the exception of the Sunday night dance at the Century Ballroom, allow water bottles. For Sunday night, we suggest the public facilities/water fountains down the hall or visiting the Century Ballroom’s restaurant next door, The Tin Table where you can either purchase a non-alcoholic beverage and bring it into the dance, or enjoy cocktails in the bar area before hitting the floor.

Seattle Lindy Exchange is sponsored by Savoy Swing Club, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation located in Seattle, WA